Ord East Kimberley Irrigation Expansion Project

Ord East Kimberley Irrigation Expansion Project

CPB Contractors delivered a contract for LandCorp to deliver phase two of the Ord East Kimberley Expansion Project in Kununurra, Western Australia.

The project created 7,500 hectares of new farmland and included construction of a 21 kilometre irrigation channel, 26 kilometres of road and 70 kilometres of drainage and flood protection works.

Phase 2 of the Ord Irrigation Expansion Project increased the land availability from 14,000ha to approximately 22,500ha, helping to ensure the sustainability of the region as a prime agricultural centre.

The start of phase two of the project is located approximately 32 km NNE of Kununurra along the Weaber Plains. The Ord East Kimberley Expansion project is a result of the Ord Final Agreement signed between the Miriuwung and Gajerrong people and the State of Western Australia in 2005.

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